AMA Charter No. 2940

 Havre de Grace, MD 

Volume 25, No.3

The Newsletter of SWAN HARBOR RC

March 2014




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Scott Jordan
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Achille Silvestri
Steve Snyder
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Jim Snyder
Steve Snyder


ATTENTION: The next meeting is March 11, 2013, 7 PM at the Wendy's in Churchville.
Bring in some of that good stuff for show and tell.


Achille Silvestri


The meeting of February 2014 was held at the Churchville Wendy's with 15 members in attendance.

. Any questions about the Newsletter can be directed to Steve Snyder


This year the club dues are $50.00.  You pay your dues at the club meeting or you can send it to Steve Snyder using address on the application.  If any of your information has changed please complete a 2014 Membership Application.  Remember Dues need to be paid by the end of March.


Remembering Achille Silvestri …

On March 1, 2014, our beloved friend Achille passed away.  Achille was our newsletter editor for at least the last 12 years and every month we could look forward to seeing what new and interesting facts about the club he captured.  You never came to the field with a new airplane without Achille snapping a picture and interviewing you for the pertinent facts with his little "Dick Tracey" flip notebook.  In all we have published more than 600 of his pictures in the newsletter over the last 12 years.  I went back through all the old newsletters and found some pictures of him to celebrate his time with us in the club. 

Achille was a creative guy, I don't think I've ever seen so many variations of 4-Star 60.  Almost every plane he built started as a 4-Star 60 but somewhere along the way ended up looking like a World War I fighter.  He also possessed a unique skill for landing. In all the years I've known Achille I don't think I've ever seen him abort a landing and go around for another attempt.  When Achille called for landing, by God, he was landing.

Goodbye my friend; we will miss you. 


Achille and the Bleriot
Achille's 4-Star 60 Another 4-Star 60
Another 4-Star 60, maybe. Achille, visits Wilbur and Orville



Swan Harbor RC meets 7 PM the second Tuesday of the month at the Wendys on Rt 22 in Chuchville.  The public is welcome to the meetings. To fly with us at Swan Harbor flying field take Oakington Road off US 40 (between Aberdeen and Havre de Grace) and follow the signs for Swan Harbor Farm.  Be sure to have a current AMA membership card because you need it to fly.  A SWAN HARBOR RC 2014 Membership Applications  is available on line or additional information can be obtained from Steve Snyder, 410-638-2895,


Mar 11, 2014 Swan Harbor RC Club Meet. Churchville Wendys, 7 PM.
Mar 8, 2014 Lebanon RC Flea Market.
June 14, 2014  Swan Harbor Fun-Fly
Sept 20, 2014  Swan Harbor RC Picnic




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