About us


  • President: Gary Gunter                                     
  • Vice President: Chris Mounayer                         
  • Sect'y / Newsletter: Ron Lazzeri                         
  • Treasurer: Steve Snyder                                     
  • Safety Officer: Bob Walker                                
  • Member at Large: Dale Davis                             
  • Member at Large: Herman Reichart   
    Member at Large: Stephen Slotnick                    ​

The public is welcome to the meetings. To fly with us at Swan Harbor flying field take Oakington Road off US 40 (between Aberdeen and Havre de Grace) and follow the signs for Swan Harbor Farm. 

Be sure to have a current AMA membership card and FAA registration with numbers displayed as per regulation before you can fly with us.

Park Hours - Dawn to Dusk 7 Days a week.
Attached below are the current By-Laws for the club. Click BELOW to load bylaws.